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Whitsundays meets Fraser (the night out)


Our last evening in Cairns was spent partying at Gilligans hostel, followed by watching the Liverpool match at the Woolshed. We had an emotional reunion with Vikki and Anna along with the boys and spent the night crying into our drinks (haha not really)

Gilligans is an incredible place to party and they even put on a bit of hard house which heather got right into- she is definitely going to be hitting the cyber when we get back haha. We got to see Vikki at her finest and she does a robot that even Peter Crouch would be jealous of.

The woolshed is a bar just around the corner and Heather nearly got us all into a fight by giving a group of aussies grief. It was all in fun though as they returned the compliment by calling us a gang of Poms. I think Dave got the comment of the night though- he pointed out that they spend their time mocking England but it is still our queen who features on their money haha. The Aussies took it well, it was all just banter really.

Well done to Liverpool who won after a nail biting 92 mins....

We said yet another teary bon voyage and can't wait to see everybody in Liverpool for a big night out.

We got in at about 5 am and H and I managed to get a couple of hours sleep before hitting another flight and heading to Bangkok.

lots of love

x x x

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Whitsundays meets Fraser


We have stayed in quite a few hostels over the last few months and have been pretty lucky with most of the ones we've stayed in. When we got to Cairns, we found a hostel that is over and above anything that we expected. Gilligans boasts a huge screen for showing sports on (the only downside was that they weren't showing the Liverpool match), a decent sized pool and a couple of nightclubs. There's a really good atmosphere to it and everybody is up for a great night. What a pity it was that we weren't staying there and were staying 15 minutes outside the centre of Cairns. I believe its called sods law but I guess we had the best of both worlds too.

The Cairns Beach House looks quite nice from the inside and also has a nice bar and pool area. The bar doesn't open until 3pm so if you're looking for an afternoon drinking session, you should find yourself a bar as there is no byo (bring your own) on the premises either. There are meal tickets given out which entitles you to a snack sized meal that you can upgrade for $5 if you want a normal sized meal. We got into Cairns at about 5pm and got ourselves settled in our room. Heather nearly had a heart attack when she saw a cockroach but we found a man to take care of it for us. Nevertheless, Heather slept in her silky sack as she has developed a complete fear of anything insect like after being human lunch for lots of bedbugs in Fiji. We went for dinner (used our free vouchers) and got chatting to a guy from the USA and shared hints/ tips etc. Before we knew it it was 9pm and we'd missed our evening arrangements- a lack of sleep had tired us out so we decided to chill in the hostel for the evening.

Day 2 in Cairns and we went for a wander around the city. Most things are pretty central and if you get lost you can find yourself again at the lagoon- which is really pretty. Did a bit of shopping, some practical things and then met up with ritchie from our whitsundays tour.

(will finish this later as im heading to the islands for full moon)

will update soon

lots of love

x x x

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Magnetic Island

convertible cars and a black eye

what an eventful 24 hours this has been. We have had an amazing time touring Magnetic Island in a little pink convertible car, which we have called Barbie. So called because a group of boys we've met have got the same car (also pink) so we have christened that one Ken.

I am writing this with the use of only one eye but don't worry mum, I've not been in a fight. We were putting the cover over on the car for the evening and one of the hooks has fired back and hit me full on in the eye (it's my left one in case you're concerned haha). We were only laughing earlier about how accident prone I am and yet again I have been hit with something else. I have spent the best part of this evening with a big bag of ice over my eye. Fingers crossed I haven't done myself too much damage though, even though I am going to have a black eye in the morning.

So we arrived at Magnetic and after freshening ourselves up got chatting to a group of Southern boys. I have come to the conclusion that the North of England is a far superior place to live as there are so many people from the South who are travelling haha. Soooo we had a bit of a chat and then we (the girls) went for dinner. Whilst eating we decided that we would hire a convertible car to tour the island properly because we couldn't cope with the pooor bus driving any more. We had a pretty chilled evening to be fair, dinner and then caught up with a few emails- with an early night in store.

This morning we picked up barbie and rusty (one of the southern guys) decided that he and his pals needed to get a car too. He hired one for the 4 of them and we have spent the day touring around Magnetic. We called in at a bottle shop, got a few drinks and some snacks then tried to find somewhere to chill. Along the way we found a 'stray' dog called Rusty in a side road, so we all gave him some water and played with him a bit. We all got a bit carried away with ourselves and created a scenario that Rusty had been missing for days without food/drink etc. We (the girls) decided to return him to his rightful owner by looking at his medal. The boys said they'd wait for us (as they had the cool bag haha). It turns out that the dog wasn't lost and actually lived only a stone throw away from where we'd found him. Of course we didn't tell the boys this because we didn't want to lose face and instead said the dog had been missing overnight haha.

If you come to Magnetic Island you should defninitely visit Geoffrey Beach and make sure that you hire a car to take it all in. There are so many small nooks and crannies that you wouldn't find otherwise. We found a lovely little beach without anybody there and got a perfect view of Townsville.

I got another hit today- of adrenaline I mean...this time it was jet skiing. Heather and I shared the responsibility of driving and it was incredible, so so much fun. I have so many things that I want to start doing when I get home that I'm not sure how a full time job will fit in( don't worry Deb, I'm sure I'll manage somehow haha)

So that's Magnetic Island pretty much in a nutshell. We have a bus ride up to Cairns tomorrow and that's where we join the ranks of Big Toe haha. Will be uploading some piccies soon too- I know I keep promising but I never seem to have enough time.

lots of love

x x x

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goon, drinking games and daves birthday


Well we're back on dry land again and we are happy to report that the Whitsundays haven't disappointed us either. Whitehaven beach is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, even if it did start to rain a little bit (please don't laugh). We have still managed to top up our tans even more and have managed to start evening our white bits out too which is an added bonus.

I am writing this entry from the idyllic location that is Magnetic Island after surviving yet another bus ride with an unbelievably sore head and about 90 mins sleep. The Whitsundays tour was a definite eye opener and I have experienced pain like never before (thanks Tom) because of a unique drinking game that I got myself involved in.

The first day/ evening on board the clipper was spent trying to grow ourselves sea legs and I'm sorry to say that we were pretty unsuccessful. We were in a cabin with 2 other girls (Ashleigh and Kate) and I was lucky enough to have the only bed with a view (the sea bobbing up and down, which multiplied my sea sickness by about 100 %).

Our first evening was spent getting to know the new additions to our little group, as well as introducing Antonio to the guys from Fraser. What better way to develop a sense of team spirit than some drinking games and our game of choice was one called 'Arrogance'. It involves a communal cup and lots of beer and goon. Antonio unleashed his alter ego and decided to sabotage mine and Heathers rounds by topping the communal cup up with as much goon as would fit into it. Things area bit unclear after this point because I was under the impression I had stayed with everybody when I hadn't and I still havent't a clue where I got to. I know exactly where Heather went to though- straight to bed after being incredibly ill. H has told me that she went to bed at 9pm and remained as sick as a dog for pretty much all of the next day. I do however remember later in the evening when I joined Antonio and the other Italian guys who were on board for a few rounds of Uno- I now understand the rules of uno but in a language that I don't speak- a good point for my C.V methinks haha.

The second day was spent doing some swimming/ snorkelling and beginnig to celebrate Daves birthday. We also spent some time worshipping the sun. The 2nd evening Dave and boy called Pat were celebrating their birthdays and so were made to don the usual fancy dress outfits- womens clothing haha. Steve (head of entertainment on board) decided that the whole boat needed to bond and so we played a drinking game that resulted in us all being spanked really hard across the bottom with a flipper. It was very painful and I think I still have the scars. It is my fault for staying for a 2nd round but I knew the risks when I first took part. Dave played the role of a woman extremely well, and looked to be really enjoying his new found freedom- albeit in an electric blue dress with matching underwear and a long brunette wig.

Our last day at the Whitsundays was spent visiting some more of the smaller islandssa, including one which is home to the largest number of sea snakes. Luckily enough we didnt't get too close to it. WhaT we did get close to though was a giant spider with orange spots on its legs and baclk .It was absolutely huge and someone decided to shake its web to get it to run. I've never seen boys scream so much.

We had a leaving party last night which meant we got about 90 mins sleep before we had to be on the road again to head for Magnetic. The music was good but eclectic, ranging from 60's and 70's followed by trance and then electro/ techno. It was wicked and I think H may well be making a move into the cyber when we get back (hahahaha we shall see)

Anyways we are at Magnetic now and it is just what I was expecting, if not more! H, Ashleigh, Kate and I are all hiring an open top go kart tomorrow and going for a tour of the island. We will love you and leave you for now but will be in touch soon. We can't believe how quickly the time is going, we are home in just over 4 weeks!

lots of love

x x x

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goon, dingo's and tyre marks

Fraser Island

We are going to start this entry with an apology- to our families. We are deeply sorry for any embarrassment we may be about to cause you but sometimes 'it' happens and a lot of 'it' has happened in the last 3 days. I am writing this having just lost any scrap of dignity that I arrived there with. It was character building to the extreme haha. We survived yet another Greyhound bus ride from Brisbane but it was only a short one (5 hours). The hostel jeep met us and brought us back to the hostel- how clever our pink van was eh haha. So once we were checked in and (free) drink in hand, we went to the tv room and met the other 24 reprobates (sorry guys haha) who we were going to be spending the next 3 days with. There was a talk and a dvd, it was like being back in work but as a delegate haha. So the meeting gave us hints and tips on what not to do as Fraser and how not to lose our $1000 bond (deposit). There were 3 (bright pink) jeeps all heading over together and we made the decision to all stick together because we figured it would be safer....and far more fun :o). We had a few drinks in the bar of the hostel and planned the food for the trip. I think there was more concern about how much goon and sambucca were being taken than what was going to be eaten though and that became very clear on the morning of the first breakfast. I have also realised that Heather has spent waaaaay too much time with me, as she now has the ability to ask even more useless questions than I do...So the guy giving us the advice said 'so its roughly 7 kilometres from here to there' and H cleverly pipes up "so how far is that in miles then" The whole room was in creases and for once I am happy to report that I could laugh along with them.

Our pink jeep only had 8 people as opposed to 9 but I think we all partied enough for the missing person. The first day was nearly a disaster before we had even made it to the island. We were in the middle of the convoy and following Seans directions, as their car was first. We ended up taking a wrong turn and ending up in the completely wrong place. One of our wheels then started to come off the jeep and so we had to call for help. This meant we missed the first barge heading over to the island. We realised quite early on (it was about 9.45 at this point) that we were going to be missing some of the fun and so decided to have some of our own. We cracked open the vb and started some teambuilding activities of our own. The main one was keeping our bums on our seats without being thrown off them and managing to drink our drinks at the same time. A few beers in and we decided we needed to use the islands facilities, although we were all trying to hold off on using them until the last possible minute. We had been informed the previous evening that the toilet facilities were few and far between and because of this we were being provided with the ultimate tool in Fraser Island technology- a shovel. My mum knows how fussy I am about public toilets and I'm telling you now there isn't a toilet that was more public than these ones. We were driving through the forest and the bumps were ridiculous so we bit the bullet and took one for the team. Using the forest was probably the least of my worries at this point, although I guess I was still a bit green to it all with it only being a few hours in. Heather and I have been friends for pretty much all of my life but our friendship has reached new extremes in the last few days. We were told that dingos do attack but they mainly go for children...and men are usually ok because they stand up when they go to the toilet. Women however don't and so were told that every time we went to the toilet, we had to take somebody with us to spot us so that dingos didn't get any funny ideas.

We made it to the other jeeps and chilled out on the beach. Had a bit of a drive, slapped the goon and cracked on with the vb. The first night was carnage but I'm going to be editing the photo/vid evidence. I don't know what time I made it to bed but I sat on the beach and watched the sunrise before I wandered to our tent which was pretty incredible. So on day 2 we visited Indian Head which has a very beautiful view of the ocean from the top. There was a fairly steep walk but it was worth the effort. Like so many other places that we have visited, Indian Head is stunning and can't be done justice in photographs you really would need to see it for yourself. Once we had seen Indian Head a few of us decided to walk along to the champagne pools. The weather has been beautiful and it was a nice walk. It hasn't been as hot as in Fiji but the sun can be deceiving and it's still really easy to catch the sun. The champagne pools are a stretch of water, overlooked by a lot of rocks. The water comes crashing over and makes it look like champagne. Again the walk was well worth the effort but I think the view at Indian Head was better. It was entertaining watching the boys getting smashed around by the waves. There is some good footage which will be going onto facebook anyways.

We headed back south along Fraser and stopped off at Eli Creek which is where we were camping for the evening. The creek is freshwater and we were told that it was safe to drink. The guys in the group were all feeling a little bit delicate at this point because we'd all been up since about 6.30 am and the goon had been slapped from about 7.30. The evenings partying was pretty much the same as the first night, although there were people from other tour groups and a couple on the same site. We invited them all over for a drink and apologised in advance for our behaviour- well it was the polite thing to do after all. I don't think that the couple were prepared for what was going on and H has since told me that somebody from our group decided to use the facilities right outside our jeep which is where the couple were eating dinner- nice eh. Fraser Island is a beautiful place to visit and I don't think anybody should do the East Coast without making sure that this is on the list of things to do. The group that you travel with play a big part in it of course and we were lucky to have 26 likeminded people in 1 group.

When H and I began to plan this world tour, I was clear on 2 places in Fraser Island that I wanted to see; The Mahoa shipwreck and Lake Mckenzie. I wasn't disappointed by either. Lake Mckenzie is completely clear and is set in the middle of forestry. It is a pretty bumpy ride to get there but once we got there we were amazed by it. I think it is definitely on a par with the beaches that we saw at Fiji, although I'm not sure that everybody else would agree. Like Eli Creek, Lake Mckenzie is freshwater and it really does make all the difference to swim in. I would advise anybody who is going there to spend a good half day there at least because none of us wanted to come out of the water. As serene as the lake is, with 26 fun loving youngsters like ourselves there was no way that we were going to be sun worshipping. We were all straight in the lake and some decided to practise their back flipping, which was pretty good to be fair. To be fair, it was complete carnage but we're on our jolly holidays and so it's ok haha.

We had an injury whilst we were on Fraser- one of the girls drove their jeep over Seans leg whilst he was helping to push them out of the sand after they'd got stuck. He was joking that his calf looked pregnant but it looked really bad, the tyre marks were imprinted on the back of his leg. He did go to the hospital last night though so will be able to update you on how he's doing at some point. We got back to the main island full of high spirits and some full of goon. We were raring to go for another night, so- after spending 3 days in sand and complaining about how many places it worked itself into, we bought another box of goon and headed straight to the beach haha. I think my body had decided enough was enough for me as I ended up being really ill and crashing out on the sand (ah well these things happen I guess).

I would give Fraser Island a 10/10 - the people we went with were wicked and there are some amazing places to see. I'm writing this from Airlie Beach as we are just about to head off on our Whitsundays tour. We have met up with Antonio (remember him from Fiji) and we're all on the same boat. 3 of the guys from our Fraser tour who were in our jeep are going to be with us too, so it should be a good few days. This one had been written pretty quickly but will edit it when we get back in a few days.

So with goon, vodka and jergermeister ready to roll- I'll say goodbye and speak to you all soon.

Lots of love

x x x

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