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So I thought I should have at least one little bit on input on this world blog so here it goes.....

Thailand: full of dirt, smelliness, rats cockroaches and also Full Moon Party. The ferry adventure and swimming in the sea for my bag.

Getting to Thailand: I was smacked in the face with the smell of dirt and stickinessbut after a night here, I started to like it here. We met up with Matt, Mark and Duncan and it wasn't the same again haha. Deb has put her version of Thailand in but here are the bits she missed because we were split up for a short time.....

The ferry on the way to the islands was an experience in itself however I found myself and Debby a small space on the dirty ferry floor and we spooned each other and fell asleep. People told me I looked beautiful when I was asleep- mouth open haha. Mark and Duncan got to know me very well in a short space of time and some of my friends who have known me for years have not seen me in that position before (refer to mouth open). After 4 hours on the ferry, I felt a bit peckish and parched so I decided to venture upstairs by myself to get a drink and some Pringles. The sea was very rough at this moment, so the ferry was moving quite a bit however I managed to move quite successfully to get the Coke and Pringles. My journey back was not so successful, in one hand a coke, purse and Pringles and the other trying to grab anything for safety. I got myself down the stairs and just as I was about to open the door, the boat went one way and I went the other. I literally came off the ground and was flying for at least 2 seconds across the boat and landed in a pile of backpacks- like a starfish. People started to laugh but also come and help but I was too shocked so I sat there still with Pringles, purse and Coke in hand amongst the backpacks to compose myself for aminute. I had to ask a nice lady to help me up again, got back to the rest of the gang and they were still in the land of nod- it was like it never happened but it did and I still laugh to myself when I think about it because I wish somebody had seen it. I did try to do an impression to them but they didnt seem interested haha.

Full Moon Party: After walking in the rain for an hour (people know how much I love that haha) we all danced like crazy people together for 2 hours- we got separated from Mark and Debby...so there we are Me Matt and Duncan- the fun is about to begin. After looking for Debby and Mark for a while we decided to keep on dancing and drinking- some more than others haha MATT! lol. The whole night consisted of me and Duncan looking after Matt haha and me waiting on the beach while they peed in the sea and also nearly drowning me by throwing me under the water and both of them sitting on me. I could have died you know but for only a man with a whistle who came over and got them off me I am here alive in Hong Kong to tell the story. I also lost my bag at this point and had to swim through the waves to retrieve it- fully clothed (I was so happy to do this haha) After holding myself all night for the toilet, near the end I managed to get to a toilet ie a hole in the floor and also some peace and quiet from Matt ( only joking, love you Matt) all I could hear was a voice shouting for me to hurry up as I was sorting myself out as you do after the toilet haha. When opening the door there in front of me-stood Matt....drunk and disorderly so I proceeded to tell him to shut up (everyone was looking).

The journey home: We got to the speedboat and I had to climb into a speedboat that was twice my height and found there were no seats so had to sit on the floor, when getting off- nearly falling into the sea again off the boat. The taxi journey home to the hotel was good, with me and Duncan getting to know random people and Matt dead to the world. When we got to the hotel, Matt wouldn't move so I got Duncan to drag him out and then we went to our lovely hotel room and fell fast asleep.

Hope you have all enjoyed my input of Thailand- my one and only entry on the blog ie Madelaine.

see you all soon in lovely Liverpool

Posted by debski 06:17

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