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perfecting the aim 28.04.2009
The Peak and light show 21.04.2009
Heathers Version..... 18.04.2009
Nice hotels, too many clothes and another injury 18.04.2009
Geography lessons, buckets and mopeds 13.04.2009
Whitsundays meets Fraser (the night out) 08.04.2009
Whitsundays meets Fraser 06.04.2009
Magnetic Island 01.04.2009
goon, drinking games and daves birthday 31.03.2009
goon, dingo's and tyre marks 26.03.2009
Peter Pans, Byron Bay and Skydiving 22.03.2009
Kangaroos, K.O.L and the Harbour 22.03.2009
And I thought cycling was supposed to be good for you....... 22.03.2009
Helllooooo Melbourne 13.03.2009
Vinnaka and Moca 13.03.2009
Beachcomber, Bula and traditional dancing 02.03.2009
Fairwell to the American Dream and helllooooooo Fiji 26.02.2009
A good time not a long time 23.02.2009
Nearing the end of the American Dream 22.02.2009
A star is born 21.02.2009
Death Valley, L.A and tour end 19.02.2009
Vegas Baybeh 19.02.2009
Valentines Day 19.02.2009
Life since Nawlins 13.02.2009
cowboys, elvis and jazz (part deux) 13.02.2009
Cowboys, Elvis and Jazz 06.02.2009
Washington 30.01.2009
New York New York (Part Two) 28.01.2009
Leg Two- The beginning 27.01.2009
Canada 25.01.2009
Toronto 24.01.2009
Welcome to Canada 21.01.2009