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The last few days


Toronto is such a beautiful city, completely covered in snow but looks absolutely stunning

H and I have had a fun filled few days, from the CN tower to Niagara Falls- I think we've covered pretty much every inch of Toronto by foot haha....seriously, we've woken up aching every morning, Guess it can only do us good though eh, I mean we do have bridesmaid dresses to wear when we get back haha.

We've been to see an ice hockey game- Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston. The stadium is unbelievable (air canada) but the atmosphere wasnt a patch on Anfield. Give us both a good rendition of Youll Never Walk Alone every day of the week. We were pretty lucky to get tickets to be fair and at the end of the game the tv stations were there filming reports of the game. Will tell you more next time about the kissing thing- with tha camera in the stadium, funniest thing ever hahaha....you had to be there though i guess.

We went to a small island called ward island on weds, courtesy of a tip given by mr thomas to get piccies of the totonto skyline- the view was incredible, we have some amazing piccies from it. The island however, wouldnt have been out of place in a horror movie, real ye olde village. Think there were about 600 people living on the island. Thought we'd have frostbite because we were out in the cold for that long

Rocky is having a great time too, as is Charlotte. Both are safe and well ( i realise this may confuse some of you but jaq, mick- theyve said its been the best suprise trip ever and hope your honeymoon is as good. Thats some serious big talk from a couple of teddy bears eh haha.) Neither can believe how cold its been but theyve been wrapping up warm for the weather

The CN Tower is absolutely huge, and the pictures really cant do it justice. We were talking last night and said we'd love to put you all on a place so you could see it all for yourselves.

This is a mega quick update because Heathers cousin is on his way to come and collect us. Will update again soon and promise to put some piccies on asap (sorry mum)

The rest of the weekend is going to be spent in waterside with Heathers family, we're going to live it up with the locals haha. Should be good, looking forward to it

Monday we'll be in New York and raring to live the American Dream. Have a 12 hour bus journey first though which we are both thrilled about as im sure you can imagine haha

we love you lots and are missing you all (a little bit at least haha just kidding)

speak to you all soon

x x x

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Welcome to Canada


-17 °C

After a ton of crying at the airport and the scouse version of planes trains and automobiles, we have made it to Toronto and more importantly the hostel. The city is absolutely covered in snow, todays temp is -19 so will defintely need an extra pair os socks for my toes haha.

We have experienced our first canadian breakfast, pancakes cooked by my own fair hands (mum are you proud, looking after us both already) Heather says hi to you all but at the minute she is on the phone to one of our hostels in New York to make sure that we are in the main building. Have just found out we're def in the same room and its female not mixed. We're pleased cos we're together, are so close already and would hate to break the bond by fighting over custody of a non working pair of ghd's haha.

This is just a quick hi really as we're off sightseeing- the CN tower awaits us and Niagara Falls on Friday. Holding out for an ice hockey game as well.

So for now we'll both say we love you all and goodbye

Speak to you all soon

Debby and Heather

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