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D.C baaaaaaybeh- YEEEEEH!!! :O)

Today we're coming to you from Washington (hence the title) and the internet is free FREE....thats not too shabby at all haha.

Yesterday we joined our Trek America tour which is going to seeus through to L.A. We arrived at the holiday in to meet the bus and got there for 6.30 (ridiculous we know but it had to be done) I am slowly starting to resent my back pack and I am considering offloading it to the nearest passer by haha. Heather is doing ok with hers but her feet are a lil bit sore - bless her. We have gdone all kinds of crazy things in the last 36 hours so we're gonna try and recall them for you (hopefully haha)

We can now say we've had an authentic cheese steak...well a philly cheese steak to the locals which is what we are now, having spent about 2 hours there haha just kidding. Rocky met Rocky (as did we) and we all ran to the top of Rockys steps...yes Kidd- Heather did too and i now owe her 10 dollars haha. Mick, Sean- dont cry too much because we took lots of piccies and will show you when we get home (we wanna see you cry haha) The steps arent all that impressive cos its actually a library but its another thing to tick off our list at least.

Drove through Baltimore and it all looks so so lovely, it took roughly 3 hours to get to D.C (thats Washington) and took in some of the most amazing sites in an evening tour of the city...We can say we have stood on the famous steps where Martin Luthor King gave his speech and perhaps more importantly Tom Hanks aka Forrest Gump haha. We took in the view of the Mall and have seen the reflecting pool behind the Washington monument. For those of you who dont know what this is- watch Forrest Gump and all will become clear haha. Its the part where Forrest is on the famous steps and jeeeenay (not a very good accent but oh well haha) comes running through the water to see him. Dont worry, Ive captured it all on film to be played excessively on our return haha.

Abraham Lincolns memorial is huuuuge- wasnt expecting it to be so big. Heather was on about a ritual of kissing his feet but at 5'1 she'd have had a job reaching them to be fair haha. There is an episode of the Simpsons where this memorial is featured and it actually is that big.

Have given Barack a wave but told him we were to busy to join him for tea and scones as we're only in town for 48 hours and theres so much more that we need to see. I mean honestly, does he think hes someone important or something haha just kidding. The White House is unbelievable and the views of it from the Washington monument are phenomenal.

Last night went for dinner in a Thai restaurant (yes me, eating Thai haha) but don't worry, not one piece of rice in site (phew). I had Pad Thai with chicken- amazing and Heather had a 52...the restaurant was called Thai (I think) so if you're ever in the vicinity, pop in and have a look at what the 52 is on the menu haha

After dinner the hardcore group (just 6 out of 13) went for a drink (famous last words haha, we'll come back to that part later) in an irish bar ( I know thats made you and Hil happy haha and seriously if you think the bar you went to in Ireland was funny, wait til you visit this place haha) We walked in and it all looked pretty authentic, brick walls, Guinness- you know the drill haha. There was a live guitarist (again all pretty normal) so we settled in for some good ol' Irish (well the night was def Irish haha) music. We were stunned by what we heard- I seriously dont think he played one Irish song all night. He killed around 50 good artists last night and we're pretty sure he only knew 3 chords on his guitar because every song had the same tune. He mixed (yes mixed!!) Britney Spears with Hotel California (sacriligious) and destroyed a couple of Beatles songs. He didnt know Paperback Writer and butchered When I saw her standing there ( I could have cried) The piece de resistance however was when he began to rap (Rap- in an Irish bar, how rude!!!!) 2pac with a guitar. If there were 2 things that were never meant to be put together it was rap and a guitar- Im pretty sure that 2pac would be having kittens haha!!!

So one drink turned into 3 which turned into a few more and ended up with us strolling around the capital at some ridiculous time this morning. By this point however, there were only us 2 and a guy off our tour....start as you mean to go on i say haha. Everybody else had bailed and we made friends with a few more people along the way, including a boy who likes boys. All in all it was a very entertaining night and a good way to get going again after the time in New York. We are both refreshed and raring to go again. Have found out Ill be in Nashville for my birthday so it will be cowboy hats and yee haws a- plenty haha.

Today we have done tons of sightseeing and really havent got enough time to take everything in properly- Holocaust Museum, Washington Monument, WWII memorial, Arlington Cemetary, White House and not forgetting the train hahaha

well- we're gonna love you and leave you cos we've got to get ready to go out, you know how it is haha

hitting the road tomorrow so will update in a few days

lots of love

Deb and Heath

x x x

Posted by debski 15:47

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