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Leg Two- The beginning

New York, New York

Well.....its fair to say that up to now the Americans have the potential to be some of the rudest people we've ever met. We asked 2 people for directions and they blatently just walked past us and ignored us. Heather nearly lost it (and we all know how that could have turned out hahaha) Thankfully we've met a few friendly people so all is not lost. There has been a big improvement today from y'day as to our opinions of NYC, now that we've been out and about to see what the 'land of opportunity' has to offer a couple of lovely ladies like ourselves.These are our findings so far.......

1. Guggenheim Museum- Some absolutely stunning pictures and sculptures, could have spent a whole week in there looking at all the different collections. This is where we met Errol- A very friendly security guard working in the museum who has offered to show us around New Yorker Styleeeee!

2. Empire State Building- The views from up there are amazing, even managed to zoom in and get a close up of the Statue of Liberty (visiting Ellis Island tomorrow). A guy from audio has invited us to a party tonight but we need to get an early start so have declined his nice offer. We didnt take his phone number, although he seemed quite keen for us to have it

You may be getting the feeling so far that wherever we go, people are trying to give us there phone numbers. You would be correct- We've put it down to Heathers newly acclaimed husky Scandinavian voice (yes the people here are that stupid haha!!!) We havent taken them all but we are considering setting up a tally hahaha just kidding

3- The most amazing cakes -EVER! We have resisted temptation so far but they do look amazing. Madelain- Oreo Cheesecake ( I think theyre the only words you need to know haha) There was a lovely looking choccie fudge cake as well as a nice carrot cake

4-Times Square- When we got here y'day we couldnt understand the hype. Tonight however got talking to the locals and our opinions have completely changed. Yes mum we've met some weird and wonderfuls.....and i also know that it could only happen to me ( i know this is what youre thinking anyways haha. We have met a rather dashing policeman (photo evidence to be provided) and a couple of positive hip hop artists trying to make it big. They posed for piccies, signed cds....and were then accosted by said dashing policeman (hmmmmm haha) One told Heather she was beautiful ( scandinavia strikes again eh haha) and the other told me his phone number was there in case I along with scandinavian chick would like to party tonight. Again we have to decline, as our little black book is rapidly filling up and we need our beauty sleep for tomorrow. On second thoughts- Im not sure where the beauty is coming from because some of our piccies can only be described in one word -WOW.

5- M n M's- There are 3 floors dedicated to this chocolately treat and we think its a tad overboard but i guess thats keeping in with the theme of NYC haha...Have filmed it a lil bit because you kinda have to see it to believe it

6-Hersheys- Not as big as MnMs but had to go in, I mean it would have been rude not to haha. Again have some piccies of this to show as well

Before we tell you about the piece de reistance, we'd like to tell you about a bizarre event which has occured this evening. I decided it would be a great idea to take H to a discussion on Communism vs Jeffersonian Democracy and its definitely one of the strangest talks ive ever seen. Cant really describe it but basically it was about bringing around a whole new revolution. Its given us plenty to think about and we've both bought the book so it will be reading sessions a plenty when we next hit the road haha....

7- Tavern in the Park- This is so so pretty, a restaurant set up in Central Park with all the surrounding trees decorated in twinkly lights. Absolutely gorgeous!!H is wanting her wedding there so Mr Walker, consider this your heads up on that one haha. Again have taken some vids so look forward to showing you when we get back. There was the song playing from a League of their Own- You know the one where shes in the bar by herself singing to the guy 'It had to be you'.....Gave me a lil giggle and made me think of the films we used to watch on constant re-run when we were younger. Its funny how songs can do that i guess.

So there you have it....Our New York adventure in 7 stops.... Tomorrow we are doing the rest of the touristy bits: Ellis Island, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty.....and the all important bar crawl with the hostel tomorrow night haha. There are lots of other things we want to do to but cant remember them all right now lol. Will update again before we head onto the tour (if we get a chance to).

Lots of Love

Deb and H

x x x

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