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An ode to Mary and Melbourne

Before we fill you in on the rest of Melbourne, we'd like to thank Mary, Vinnie, Diane, Helen and Neal for their incredible hospitality during our first few days in Australia. We have had a great time with all of you and you got our time in Australia off to a brilliant start.

Soooo we left off by saying that we were going to watch Utd playing Lpool at the supporters club...and what a wicked night it was! Some of the Aussie supporters are more brutal than the English and that's saying something! We found a guy to rival one song with his chanting and I definitely think that we should get them together to form some sort of football supporting duo haha. We found that the Aussie supporters like taking their tops off too, it's not something we've come across much in England but each to their own I guess eh. So you all know the score of the match- we trounced Utd on their own turf and even got a penalty!!! can you believe it!!! wooooop! So with the match over, we headed upstairs for the rugby. Not that any of us are mega rugby fans or anything but we are all fans of carrying the party on so Helen, Vinnie, Heather and I all went upstairs to keep going. On the way we found a Fearghyl....and by a Fearghyl I mean a real person and that was his name! apologies to any Fearghyls out there nut I was genuinely baffled by his name...I guess there's a first time for everything and that was meeting my first Fearghyl....this trip is bringing me knowledge that knows no limits haha.

Vinnie made friends with pretty much all of the bar, so that made Helen, Heather and I popular by association. I have to say we got a wee bit carried away with our newly found social status and so carried the part going until we rolled in at about 6am.Well we had to celebrate the reds win in style didn't we.

Sunday morning and we went to watch Neals football team playing .....they didnt win but they definitely should have! One of the players had himself a little fan club, mentioning no names but I believe it was number 9 haha. After the football we went back to Neals house and watched a re-run of the beautiful game! We all had a nice Indian meal (yes me with Indian who would have thought eh haha) and chilled.

On Monday we took ourselves into the centre for some more sightseeing and photo opportunities. Monday evening was a bbq with all the family and we said our teary goodbyes to the dogs and cats as well. Tuesday morning was a drama what with packing and sending home 14 kilos worth of stuff (mum please dont drop it eh haha). Mary took us to the airport and the next leg of our trip (Sydney) was about to begin. I should let you know at this point that I got my bag down to 20 kilos for the internal flight which is pretty impressive considering the amount I had before this.

Sooooo I've managed to leave out one of the most entertaining parts of our time in Melbourne and that was the search for the car keys. Heather, Mary and I had all been in the office until pretty late and stopped off at a supermarket on the way to buy dinner. All that was well and good and so we went back to the house where an almighty search for the keys took place: I was on my stomach looking under the car, Heather was on her stomach doing the same whilst Mary emptied her bag out about 15 times looking for the keys. We all knew that the keys couldn't have gotten very far because Mary had just driven the car with them. As we were on our knees, I suggested that we pray to St Anthony to help us to find them. Heather looked at me as though I'd just suggested we go kill a kangaroo so I decided to do this on my own (but not on my knees of course) So about 5 mins after I prayed to St Anthony- guess what!! the keys turned up...and you'll never guess where they were- in the car door. Heather immediately turned to me and told me that I am exactly the same and you know what, I would have to agree- so I salute you Mary because it's not only me who does things like these.

I could go into so much more detail but I'm afraid I'm saving it all for my journal because I think the car key story is ample enough for all of you. Melbourne was beautiful but we definitely didn't have enough time to do everything that we wanted to do, so that will mean a return at some point.

Next stop is Sydney but before we update you on that, we'd like to thank everybody again for welcoming us into your homes. We've had so much fun and look forward to sharing the piccies with you. Mary/ Vinnie, we'll be seeing you in August- dont forget your dancing shoes

lots of love

x x x

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