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San Francisco

It is awesome here....so much to see and do, shame we have only been here for a short time. We will def be making it back here in hotter months so that we can see the flowers (and also have some small hope of gettin a tan haha)

As per usual it has done nothin but rain here all day but H and I decided to make the most of it by fitting in as many touristy things as possible into one day. We kicked off with a visit to Alcatraz which was no disappointment and so much bigger than we were expecting it to be. We also found out some pretty cool things about the place too, neither of us knew that it was inhabited by American Indians after it had finished serving as a prison. We took a walking tour with a very informative park ranger named John. He even took us behind the scenes to where some of the current work is taking place. As usual we have lots of vids and piccies and are looking forward to boring you with them all.

After Alcatraz we took the ferry back to the main island where we were accosted by a welshie, well a Southern Welshie to be exact. He overheard us talking and got a wee bit excited and shouted 'well I haven't heard a Scouse accent in a long time'. It turns out he has been travelling for 17 months and was with his dad, so we all got into a nice little chat about the economy and exchange rates ( normal conversation then yeh haha).

We walked along the piers to Pier 39- A pier which I now know is quite famous and can completely understand why because it wipes the floor with the one at Santa Monica. H and I are quite pleased that we can make this comparison as we wouldn't have had a clue 5 weeks ago haha. On the pier I found the best shop-EVER!!! It is a shop called 'Lefty's' and yes you've guessed it, it's for left handed people. H and I are both leftys and so got really excited. It hand everything from left handed writing books and pens to a left handed ladel. Anyone who is left handed will know how frustrating a normal ladel is haha. Needless to say we wouldn't have been able to carry the shops contents in our bags and so have taken the web address because they ship internationally. Did you know that Charles Darwin, Mark Twain and even Ned Flanders are leftys? Well there you go, interesting fact of the day for you haha.

We walked around the pier and towards the dock and saw tons of sea lions lying on floating bays of wood. Seriously there must have been about 50 of them. They are adorable animals but we couldn't believe how noisy they were. There were about 20 of them lying on one plank of wood and then they all started fighting when another tried to squeeze its way in. I have filmed a fair bit of it but you'll have to excuse our giggling on the vid- they were snorting and flapping about. So so funny.

Wandering around we saw an amazing saxaphone player and decided to make our way to the trolleys to go and see the crooked roads. On the way we saw luggage world and I decided that a new rucksack was in order. Andy, I'm gonna be shipping yours back but don't worry, Im gonna keep the badges comin haha got a reet good collection for you :o) The only bag the woman had left was the one on display and so I haggled the cost down. Seems like the last few weeks have done me the world of good. That and a conversation I had with Fiona a few weeks back so anyhoow Fi, thanks:o) H said she was rather proud of my skills and I must say I agree lol.

The trolleys are pretty cool because you can just dangle off the side as you ride. The hills are so so steep and it's been raining so badly that we had to hold on for our lives haha. It was good to say we've done it but again it would be even better to do it in nicer weather.

The windy road was so so steep but we couldn't get the best view of it because it was raining. Have got some piccies of it but we've both said it's a hazard to drive down it because of all of the bends in it.

We went for dinner with Amanda and Lone from the trek tour and said our fond farewells to them. We'll see them soon enough in the world of facebook and there's always the 10 year reunion hahaha.

Tonight we're chillin because we're off to Fiiiiiiji tomorrow. I can't believe it! I'm so so so excited and even better we could possibly get a tan (so long as this weather doesn't follow us-fingers crossed eh)

Rocky is doing well but has been stayin in for a little bit because he doesn't like the cold much. He's said he'll be out in force again once we get to Fiji because he wants to get some highlights in his fur. Personally I think he's suffering from a broken heart. During the Fiji tour, he developed a little crush on Harriet but Harriet has found love with Moosey, Jezebel's mascot and has decided that she wants to spend the rest of her days whiling away the hours with him on whatever trek tour he ends up on next. I hope that we can find Rocky the same happiness but whoever he finds will have to emigrate to the UK I'm afraid haha

So good luck to Harriet and Moosey, I hope we get an invite to the wedding

Bye for now

lots of love

H and Deb

x x x

Posted by debski 22:59

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