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Nearing the end of the American Dream

LA and the bus tour to San Francisco

Any strangeness we witnessed when we were at Venice Beach was surpassed today on our bus tour from L.A to San Francisco. I'm pleased to say that we have made in it one piece (just about) and guess what- it's raining. I'll bet the sun is cracking the flags for Will in L.A because the bad weather just seems to keep following us.

Our last supper in L.A was spent with Will and Gil, 2 of the characters we met on the trek tour. We went for Thai foood in a local restaurant and then hit the British pub for dessert because the menu in the Thai restaurant was awful. It was nice and chilled and I am rapidly developing a craving for Pad Thai in the same way that H has been craving French Vanillas (thats a type of caramel/ vanilla latte to the rest of you haha).

We went back to the hostel and hit the movie room to watch the old classic 'My cousin Vinnie', a great film if I do say so myself. After the film we went to bed as 2 certain people (Will and H) said they'd be getting up with me this morning to go back to the British bar to watch Liverpool vs Man City. I was particularly excited because the only football I've seen since I left the UK was 20 mins of Arsenal v Cardiff when I was in Vegas. I set the alarm for 6am and was raring to go. Unfortunately for me, neither of them delivered on their promise so I bit the bullet and went by myself. I figured it would be a character building experience, as I've never been in a pub on my own other than if I've arrived before my friends and have certainly never spent a full 90 minutes on my own. I took my travel journal with me because I figured while everyone was having their half time analysis, I could be writing my postcards.

I was expecting the bar to be really busy and there were a few people but it was nice, I think at 7am it may have been a wee bit too much to have the roaring of the First National down my ears haha. The barman was a nice Irish guy (who I soon found out supported Utd) who made me a lovely pot of tea- thats gotta be a first eh haha. After about 15 mins, said Irish guy plucks up enough courage to start taking the mick out of my accent and then that was it for the rest of the match. Luckily enough there were a couple of other guys there who took pity on me being by myself- 1 southerner and another Irish guy and took me under their wing. Thanks to the southern guy, I have a name and address of a bar here in San Francisco so that I can watch the champs league match before we fly out to Fiji- noiiice :o)

So....after the match went for breakfast as per and got ready to have our teary (or not so teary) goodbye with Will. It was emotional as we washed our dishes and reminisced over the last few weeks lol. So we waved him goodbye and set off on our shuttle bus to San Fran.

We have managed to go 5000 miles in the last 3 weeks and in a bus smaller than this one, without suffering from pretty much any travel sickness. Within 20 mins of being on that bus I think both of us were wanting a sick bag. To make matters worse, there wasn't much breathing space on this bus and we all thought that it was full enough as it was. Unfortunately for us, the bus driver had other ideas and proceeded to let another girl on the bus. When she got on and saw there weren't any seats, the driver then offered somebody a discount of 10 dollars if they would be prepared to sit on the floor. The trip was over 6 hours long, somehow I don't think 10 dollars was going to cover it but there was one kind gent who obliged. We all then offered our seats to the kind chap to spread the burden sort of thing but he was having none of it. The cherry on top of the cake that was the bus ride though was 5 mins later hearing what sounded distinctly like a miaow sound coming from behind us. I turned around to look, didn't even open my mouth and the lady behind said....' yes I am travelling with a cat'. Just like it was the sort of thing I'd be expecting to hear. I'm telling you, only in the USA could this have happened and particularly only when we're around. If you've ever read 'Round Ireland with a fridge', this is probably on a par with the strangeness in that.

We switched buses halfway through onto something much bigger. We were all on nice and comfy when said lady suddenly shouts 'Stop! Wait! I've forgotten my cat!!!'. So we all had to wait whilst this woman chased after the tiny mini bus to retrieve her cat. Seriously- what are people playing at? If you're going to traumatise your cat by taking it out, the least you can do is remember to take it with you- especially when travelling by public transport.

So as I said, we're safely in San Francisco and have been for dinner. Tomorrow we've a busy day with Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge being top of the agenda :o)

lots of love

H and Deb

x x x

Posted by debski 22:31

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