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LA: Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Universal Studios

If we can give you one piece of advice about LA, it is to be prepared for some wrongness on Venice Beach. Our time in LA started out pretty normal, a bit of sightseeing in Hollywood and dinner with the last remaining few on the trek tour. Venturing outside the comfort of our trek van, we have found that LA is pretty bizarre. Santa Monica beach is lovely and it was blue skies all the way. H and I continued our walk with Will along the promenade to have a lil look at Venice Beach and were actually shocked at what we found. Pretty much all the way along there are homeless people selling their wares and one that particularly caught our eye came when we had a litlle sit down in a cafe along the prom. There was a man- NAKED other than a loin cloth, standing on a stool and twirling plastic snakes. This wasn't the strangest part about the entire situation, the weird thing was that people were actually stopping to stroke the snakes!!!! I cant even begin to explain the wrongness we witnessed but I've seen some crazy things in my time and I think Venice Beach is definitely on a par with the night at the rodeo. It was actually quite sad to be fair because there are so many homeless people just living on the beaches in LA. What surprised us all, was that there wasn't a police officer in sight. If that had been in England, they would have been moved on but in LA it appears to be the norm.

Anyways onto happier things which happened last night. H, Will and I, all went for dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant (don't be too jealous Phil, I did get you a souvenier :o) The food was amazing and really well prepared. I fully endorse going to this place if you ever get a chance, you won't be disappointed!!! We went for a few drinks in a British bar after (we should have really learned our lesson after Washington) and were not impressed by the sights we saw. We think it's really amusing, the impression that Americans have of the British- I mean how many shops actually have bulldogs in them? Really haha!! We only had a few drinks because we wanted to save ourselves for Universal Studios today.

Universal Studios was brilliant but didnt get to see everything which I was a bit disappointed at because I wanted to go on The Simpsons ride but I guess it gives me another excuse to visit haha. We went on all of the main things though and were impressed by what we saw, although there was an unbelievably annoying woman presenting the terminator show which made us all cheer when she eventually got killed off by the goodies:o) At one point I thought H was going to get up and do it for herself but luckily enough she held off haha.

We went on the special effects tour and this is where I got my close up as a Hollywood star (well not quite) The staff decided they needed a female volunteer over the age of 18 so Heather kindly shouted that I'd do it. She couldn't have done it herself could she- i swear these sorts of things could only happen to me. I had to scream as I was being attacked by a giant cat and I played a cameo role in Nutty Professor 2- I even had a line to say :o) It was quite funny to be fair and it meant that H and Will got front row seats for the show. Afterwards we got our piccies taken with the 2 guys who hosted it (one of them plays the next door neighbour in Hannah Montana- apparently) and one of the guys asked us where we were from because he already knew that Will was British. We were intrigued as to how he knew this and then he said ' I could tell because of how he wears his socks'. Will wears ankle socks with trainers in the typical British way- up over the ankles. H and I couldn't move for laughing and we all took piccies of our feet (I guess you had to be there haha)

This evening we are going for a few drinks and poss a few games of pool, then tomorrow it will be a teary goodbye to Will and then heading for San Francisco.

Lots of Love

H and Deb

x x x

Posted by debski 18:44

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