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Vegas is definitely one of the best places that we have been to on the tour so far. The weather was rubbish (no suprises there) but we managed to fit in a whole lotta goodness in the time that we were there.

We rocked up to Vegas and went for something to eat- JESUS!!! It was an all you can eat buffet- yes buffet not buffay just kidding- for $18 dollars which included all the champagne you could drink. It wasn't exactly a Sunday roast but it was an experience to say the least. I've never seen so much food in one place at once and I don't think I've ever had so many different types of food on one plate before. There was everything from carved beef to watermelon and everything in between. I got a tasty piece of steak and some oysters. I even found some salad without dressing!!! and made sure I got some of that lol. The dessert cart was awesome and the cheesecake was beautiful. The apple pie however was not and H made sure that everyone knew it haha.

We got into our hotel rooms (which weren't too shabby at all haha) and chilled for a minute or two before we got ready for the Vegas experience (we'll come to that later)There was a living room and even an en suite type thing (and you say backpacking isn't luxurious :o) As we were going out in VEGAS and there were a few girls on the trek tour, we all decided we wanted to look somewhere near decent to go out partying. You may all remember that my GHD's hate me over this side of the world and the only set we had available to us were Lil's but there were waaay too many of us so we decided to bite the bullet and go in search of a straightening iron.

We were successful and got a nice set of Revlon ones. I don't think my hair knew what had hit it what with being blowdryed AND straightened hahA. AAAAnyways- onto the Vegas experience. This was something that Jezebel (the tour leader) sorted out. He hired a limo for 2 hours for us and bought a load of alcohol in, including champagne- so that we could have a night of madness in the Big Easy.

I have never had so much fun in one 2 hour slot as the Experience night. We stopped off at a light show, the Vegas sign and Little White Chapel where I think we all got married to each other. My husbby is a lovely Japanese guy off the tour called Katz.....don't worry we're not actually married, it was all in jest haha. The limo driver was a hottie and I can't really remember much else about the limo. I am currently getting lots of flashbacks from the evening and I have some video footage as well hmmmmm

The best part about the evening was the club we partied in. It was on the top floor of the Rio hotel in Vegas and there was a rooftop garden. I have never seen views like this in my life and definitely never when I have been as intoxicated as I was. Thats what champagne combined with homemade punch will do to you. Apparently there was a guy who likes British girls (I really don't remember) and there is a piccie of him kissing my face which funnily enough I don't remember either. H and I kept him entertained whilst trying to keep ourselves on our feet in some sort of decent composure haha

The club was unbelievable and I'd love to go back there again. The daytime in Vegas was pretty awesome too, even though it was raining. We spent the day sightseeing and amongst other places went into the Coke shop and M+M store. We went in and out some of the hotels and I couldn't believe just how big they all were. My favourites were the MGM, the Venetian and the Bellagio. The MGM has a live lion show in, the trainers are ace and were throwing raw meat at the glass to get the lions to lick it. H has an awesome piccie, it looks like the lion is just sticking its tongue out- reeeeally cute:o). I also got to watch 20 mins of footie on one of the sports screens- Arsenal v Cardiff. I am really missing football and have heard that Agger is most definitely on the off as well as Alonso being suspended- not sure about all this though...plllleeeease keep me updated! The Venetian was just like Venice on the inside, there are even gondolas- its crazy. We saw the Volcan errupt which was pretty cool and also saw the waterfall show at the Bellagio (watch Oceans Eleven if you don't know what I'm talking about). It was breathtaking and I have captured it for you all on my trusty camcorder :O)

We hit the slots and we are pleased to report that we all won:o). Granted we all put in either $1 or $2 haha but a win is a win in any language and it is best to quit while you're winning!!!

Vegas was amazing and is def on our list of places to go back to :o)

lots of love

H and Deb

x x x

Posted by debski 20:54

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